Sunday, October 18

Comission for Dune prelim

Friday, October 16

"Good Girl"

canine domination is a prevailent thing in my comics.  Anyway, Mel asked for Kay x Sonic so I give to hers. <3

Tiamat :1 Kami: 0

Hunter and Burticus' daughter gets told a story by Kami and Thane's daughter.

Ew, what smells like wet dog?

Saturday, October 10

I'm sure you spell it with a 'B', but whatever


She has a hobby.

Fine then, do it yourself. See if I care.

You're not Italian, stop that.

There's gotta be at least one of these.

Tradin' Clothes

>:C She always plays so rough. GOSH.

Either it was 'yes' or 'no'. Maybe both.

Thursday, October 1

My squid guy has a name now. He's Melvin.

A frame from a future comic. And as much as I love this look, I'ma scrap it for a better look.

Present for a friend's birthday. /:D Apparently there was much disappointment by viewers he wasn't gutted. Yeah. That's what I want for MY birthday. A dead guy strapped to a table I'm expected to eat with chopsticks. Happy birthday.

Done in an oC with Daigo. Kami apparently didn't know about his NEVER ENDING flow of pre cum. She drowned slowly after. It was hilarious. I mean, romantic. No, I mean hilarious.

Clean art.

My two Jaguar twins, Auslier and Sacha. They are genetic experiements raised by two frames of mind made sentient. One by a bisexual oni and the other is a racoon/fox hybrid house wife. The experiement was if two children could be raised by something that doesn't physically exist. Seems to be working.

A new character. I'm thinking of naming her Megan. She has an affinity for sugar cookies, bow ties and sniper rifles. What a sweetie. She's more animalish than humanish so she's got no tits.

Wednesday, September 23

Saturday, September 19

Kami Fucks Alot Because I Say So

Oh, this isn't Kami. But whatever it's my blog. I do what I want.

Orgies are A Great Way To Start Things Off

This is my first post here. It's going to be a lot of odds n ends.. a lotta porn that doesn't get released.. very self serving. Inappropriate comments and maybe a joke or two.

ok a lot of jokes. You'll be fine.

Oh and so you know I like drawing orgies.